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Youth Justice Life Skills Course

Could you or someone you know benefit from a life skills course?  The YJ Life Skills Course will provide youth, ages 12 – 18, the guidance and direction needed to navigate society safely and successfully.  Specifically designed for racialized youth, the program seeks to help youth navigate adolescence and promote positive development through a variety of meaningful workshops, presentations, guest speakers, activities and events.   

Benefits of the program:

Youth are required to register at the beginning of each session and attend all 8 Classes in order to fulfill program requirements and receive their certificate of completion. 


The program respects each participant’s gender, ethnic, cultural and linguistic differences and any youth with special requirements. We are able to provide assistance to ensure full participation in the program.

Past - Sessions & Workshops

July 16 @ 12PM – 6PM | WFCU Centre, 8787 McHugh St. Windsor, ON
Leadership Skills Workshop – Featuring Windsor Express basketball team owner Dartis Willis Sr. & Head Coach  Bill Jones 

July 26 @ 5:30pm | Mackenzie Hall Cultural Centre 3277 Sandwich St, Windsor, ON
Career Placement and Thinking Outside the Box – 
Guest speaker Fuseinat Brimah
July 28 @ 5:30pm | Online on Zoom
Digital Literacy and Online Accountability Workshop
August 4 @ 5:30pm | Mackenzie Hall Cultural Centre 3277 Sandwich St, Windsor, ON
Racism and Race Relations in Canada Workshop
August 9 @ 5:30pm | Mackenzie Hall Cultural Centre 3277 Sandwich St, Windsor, ON
Windsor Police Services – Guest speaker 
Constable Gill

October 12 @ 5:30PM | Employment Workshop | Mackenzie Hall Cultural Centre, 3277 Sandwich St, Windsor
October 26 @ 5:30PM |
 Windsor Police Services with Guest Speaker Constable Adjetey Nelson | Mackenzie Hall, 3277 Sandwich St, Windsor
November 2 @ 5:30PM | Racism and Race Relations in Canada with Guest Speaker Amina Abdulle  Mackenzie Hall Cultural Centre, 3277 Sandwich St, Windsor, ON
November 9 @ 5:30PM | Digital Literacy Workshop with Mory Traore   Online on Zoom

Youth Justice - Committees

The Youth Justice Committee will address racialized youth, aged 12-17 and provide extrajudicial measures that focus on restorative justice for non-violent crimes and misdemeanors. The committee will consist of trained individuals from the racialized community meeting with the youth and victims and their parents/guardians or support members to negotiate ways to amend their actions. Working in conjunction with criminal justice professionals, youth will develop accountable measures as an alternative to formal court proceedings.
Young people have special rights that need to be protected and appropriate steps should be taken to see the reasons why they may have committed a crime.
NCCEEP’s Youth Justice Program seeks to:

  • Help guide and protect young people who have committed crimes and help them integrate into society and their communities.
  • Ensure that young people receive meaningful consequences for their offences and considers the impact and interests of the victim/s.
  • Reduce the use of custody for non-violent crimes for racialized youth and prevent future recidivism by addressing the challenges and needs of young people that commit crimes.

If you know of anyone who has been in contact with the law and could benefit from the Youth Justice Committees as an extrajudicial measure, please email NCCEEP’s Youth Justice Program Manager at with the subject line: Youth Justice Committee

Life Skills Course ​- Gallery

Congratulations to the Youth Justice team who battled it out in the cold while raking leaves in the community. Thanks to support from the Government of Canada, @CdnHeritage, we are getting ready to start the 2nd session in January! For more information about the program or to register, visit: #GCAntiRacism

The Youth Justice team collaborated with NCCEEP's Jubilee Foods to prepare over 30 bags of groceries for distribution to the community. It was such a busy day we almost forgot to take pictures! This great event was funded in part by the Government of Canada, @CdnHeritage, and we thank them for their generous support. Congratulations to the entire team on an amazing job well done!#youthjusticeleague #teamwork #GCAntiRacismVisit for more information about the program or register here for the next session: #GCAntiRacism

Leadership Workshop - Promo

July 16 2022 | WFCU Centre - Windsor, ON​

Employment Workshop - Promo

May 29 2022 | Mackenzie Hall Cultural Centre - Windsor, ON

Leadership Workshop - Highlights

July 16 2022 | WFCU Centre - Windsor, ON​

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